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Smiling for the wedding photos...

Women in today for a denture repair, it had superglue all over three of the front teeth, looked a bit of a mess. Turns out that the tooth came off hours before her daughter got married... shock, horror!  She glued it in, getting glue on her nail polish and the dressing table - took us 40 minutes to clean-off the glue and fix n polish her denture, pheew !! “like new she said”. Mrs G. (Wortley)


The moral of the story, she could have called one of our technicians out to fix it in 20 minutes!, then she could have smiled on the wedding photos??

May 2009

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30 minute fix...

Guy comes with his denture in bits, he was telling me, that he was near the end of his holiday in Gran Canaria, when his denture broke by dropping it in the en-suite shower in the hotel bedroom.. then he and his wife spend a whole day looking for a denture repairer - having no luck, he packed the denture away and brought it in to us for repair. Took us 30 minutes to fix!. Mr Mc (Norton)


A quick look at his denture revealed that the denture was already cracked before his holiday, if he had brought it in for a free MOT test we could have warned him about it and saved a day of his holiday

July 2010

Avoid super-glue

Mrs Julia S   ( Rotherham)

Called us on the phone saying she didnt have a dentist and needed a repair quickliy, "Can we help?"  She hopped onto a bus which dropped her off just outside our lab, within 25 minutes she was wearing her denture - all fixed. She siad she was going to use glue ..........fortunately she did'nt.

You should avoid super-glue if at all possible for dental repairs.. Superglue can sometimes get you out of a fix, BUT remember it is only a temporary solution. We recommend you see a dental technician ASAP - for a more appropriate fix.

Jan 2018